Jubilee Staff

Tim Geiger, Executive Director

The Rev. Timothy Geiger is Executive Director of Children’s Jubilee Fund.

Tim grew up the oldest of five children in a lower Northeast Philadelphia rowhouse. He understands the hard choices and harsh realities that many families in the city face. He wants city-based students to thrive and to overcome many of the financial, social, and societal obstacles he faced growing up. He wants to see city-based families become stronger and city neighborhoods become places of safety, pride, flourishing, and blessing. One of the first steps toward that transformation is to have stable, affirming, encouraging schools that meet students where they are and challenge them to use God’s good gifts to their fullest potential.

Tim did his undergrad work in Behavioral Health at the Community College of Philadelphia and earned an M.Div. degree from Westminster Theological Seminary. Prior to working with Jubilee, Tim spent 16 years working with Harvest USA, including seven years as Executive Director and then President. His other professional experience includes the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and everyone’s favorite federal agency, the Internal Revenue Service.

Tim is also a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church in America. He and his wife Susan live with their daughter in Glenside.

Ciera Dempsey, Operations Manager

Ciera is passionate for God’s work of justice and mercy to be fulfilled by his people. Through her administrative management experience, she endeavors to support Jubilee scholars with the resources they need to thrive. She loves the city of Philadelphia and is inspired by the Jubilee network schools as they empower their students societally, academically, and spiritually.
Originally from middle Georgia, Ciera moved to Lynchburg, Virginia at age 10 where she eventually met her husband Josh at Liberty University. Josh and Ciera married in 2014 and moved to Glenside in 2019. Wherever they are, they enjoy time together watching movies, talking, playing games, and going on adventures.

James C. Petty, Jr., Director Emeritus

Jim Petty gave himself passionately to the city in 1968 when he began to do evangelism at the University of Pennsylvania. While a student at Westminster Seminary, he participated in starting a church oriented to reaching students from the “counter culture.” The church was successful, and he pastored there until 1982 when he accepted a position at the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF). In 1978, he took the lead in forming Spruce Hill Christian School and continued as its volunteer Board Chairman until 1993.

At CCEF he became staff counselor, and in 1986, he became their first Director of Development. In 1997 Jim’s counseling ministry moved into conflict counseling and conciliation. He was appointed volunteer director of CCEF’s newly-formed Christian Conciliation Services. He remained as the senior development officer at CCEF until 2004.

From 1993 to 1996, Jim led in establishing Children’s Jubilee Fund. He served as Board Chair until 2003, when he became the first professional staff employee for Jubilee. Jim led as Executive Director until July 2013, when he transitioned to Director Emeritus.