Jubilee Core Values


Jubilee is grieved and justly angry at the various ways our low-income young people are prevented from enjoying positive opportunities, personal development, and cultivation of their abilities. Despite the best efforts of many public school educators, students often end up receiving schooling, but not education. We are committed to and called to pursue the flourishing, growth, and fruitfulness of these children, made in God’s image.


We deem education of the whole person as the critical and only identifiable path for city-dwelling students to a productive and viable life in the economy of the twenty-first century. By facilitating such education, Jubilee assists the governments of Pennsylvania and New Jersey to fulfill their constitutional mandates to provide for the “thorough and efficient education” of all children, not just those in more affluent communities.


In order to create opportunity for city-based children, we are committed to sharing by those who have been blessed financially–across racial, cultural, and economic barriers.


Jubilee rejects the longstanding practice (intentional or unintentional) of discriminatory behavior against people of color, and against people who lack economic means and opportunities. We believe that all people are created in God’s own image, and are equally deserving of opportunity, respect, and dignity.


Jubilee wants to serve our students, schools, and their communities in ways that honor, encourage, and build up those who may benefit. We want to become increasingly engaged with the communities in which our schools exist and minister, building strategic partnerships with local churches, community leaders, and businesses. In doing so, Jubilee wants to become a conduit through which the strengths, wisdom, and culture of the community flow to benefit our network schools and students.


At the deepest and most significant level, Jubilee’s leadership and our Network Schools are motivated by their faith and obedience to God, historic Christian teaching, God speaking in Scripture, a personal trust in Christ for salvation, and lives characterized by wisdom and love. We earnestly desire to live obediently to the two greatest commandments: to love God, and to love one another.


Recognizing that education has an integral societal purpose, we will strive to work with others in the larger regional community who wish to participate as like-minded donors, advisors, allies, and friends of our mission for the benefit of lower-income, city-based students.


Jubilee is committed to the highest ethical standards in our financial, fundraising, management, and governance affairs.  


Jubilee will make certain that its core mission remains providing access to quality Christian education for the students we serve. We will regularly evaluate our programs, staff, and organization to ensure they serve the mission of the organization. While Jubilee will seek to foster the general health and growth of schools, our primary mission is not the sustenance and growth of individual schools, but providing scholarships.


Human effort is but the instrument and means of God’s work. We are dependent on prayer for the mission, the students, their parents, the schools, the donors, and God’s provision for the mission. We recognize that success will come only by God’s blessing and the Holy Spirit’s movement.