School Profile: Roxborough Christian School

I first became aware of Roxborough Christian School in 2015, not long after it opened. A friend of mine, Erik Larson, is a local pastor and one of the founders of the school. He also serves on the RCS Board. Erik described RCS to me as a school that employed a progressive, student-led learning model. The intent of this model is to meet the educational needs of each student, allowing the student to grow and deepen his or her specific competencies in a way that encouraged curiosity and exploration. That model intrigued me—and still does. The school has a close relationship with its host church, Leverington Presbyterian Church, on Ridge Avenue in the heart of Roxborough. Roxborough is one of those neighborhoods that retains all of the characteristics of an old-fashioned neighborhood—neighbors that know and care about one another, a close-knit community with houses that are also close together, and a bustling shopping district. Roxborough is on the ridge overlooking the Schuylkill River, and has some streets as narrow and as hilly as the streets with which I became familiar while living in Pittsburgh. It’s a community with charm, character, and charisma.

I spoke with Head of School Christina Platt about the school recently. Christina was a founding Board member and served on the RCS Board until she was selected to be Head of School in 2021. She has 18 years of experience in education both as a teacher in Kensington, and as a principal. She’s also a mom, and two of her children are enrolled in the school.

Christina shared that RCS’s progressive, student-led, faith-based learning model was one of the things that attracted her to the school. Academics are a high priority at RCS, but there is an equal focus on developing character.

Roxborough’s K-6 students are outside whenever they can be, and the school incorporates learning by walking around the school campus and the neighborhood. Students are given various responsibilities to build self-confidence, and to value who they are as image-bearers of God. One of the ways they do that is through serving on the Student Council. Another is through participating in RCS’s many special classes offerings: Spanish, gym, music, art, library,  dance, and chapel. RCS teachers and staff work with a small student-to-teacher ratio to ensure that students receive personalized attention and nurture.

Children’s Jubilee Fund is privileged to serve RCS through providing scholarships and no-cost tutoring through our TAMI program. To learn more about Roxborough Christian School, please visit their website at

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