Jubilee Prayer Walks

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The City of Philadelphia, like many other cities across the country, is in the midst of a gun violence crisis. As of May 26th, 25 children in Philadelphia have died as the result of gun violence so far in 2022.

This violence occurs in the neighborhoods where the students of Jubilee Network schools live and play. It occurs in the neighborhoods our schools serve. Though no Jubilee students have been direct victims of gun violence, many have had parents, siblings, friends, and family members injured and killed.

As Christians, we know that the Lord calls us to pray that violence and sin of all kinds is turned back. He invites us to pray for safety, and for the protection and peace of the city in which we live.

Jubilee will host three prayer walks at three of our schools. We’ll be joined by staff and parents from the school. Our plan is to walk around the school in the immediate neighborhood to pray that darkness would be turned back and that the Lord would cause the school, its students, and the Gospel itself to thrive in that place.

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For more information or questions, contact Children’s Jubilee Fund at 215-233-9866 or prayer@jubileefund.org.