Donate Your Computer


If you have a laptop or notebook computer in good working condition, please consider donating it to Jubilee! We will turn around and deliver it to a deserving student in one of our network Schools who can use it for his or her schoolwork. 

We request that you drop off your computer to the Jubilee office, 116 Greenwood Ave., 3rd Floor Rear, Wyncote, PA 19095. 

If you are unable to drop off your computer, we may be able to pick it up from you. Please email us to check availability. Based on your location, it may not always be possible for us to accommodate pick-up requests.

We request that your donated computer meet the following minimum criteria:

    • That it be in good, usable condition with no serious defects
    • That it have a working integrated webcam and microphone
    • That the battery still be able to hold a charge
    • That all personal files be deleted
    • That the appropriate operating system be installed and updated
    • That the computer¬†includes the appropriate power cord and adaptor

If Jubilee is able to accept your donated computer, we will count it as an in-kind gift and will issue you a receipt based on what we determine to be the fair market value of the computer.