Why Jubilee?

Why should a business make its OSTC contribution through the Children’s Jubilee Fund?

  1. Distribution of Scholarships:  Jubilee is only one of three scholarship organizations actively focused on low-income youth trapped in destructive, failing schools in the urban communities of the Delaware Valley.
  2. Quality Checking: Children’s Jubilee Fund maintains a membership of affiliated schools which it vets for educational, school climate and financial integrity—no other scholarship organization maintains a similar network.
  3. Includes High School: Only Jubilee offers scholarships to 12th grade. This is valuable for students who enter a Jubilee school later in their elementary or middle school careers.
  4. Sustained Scholarships: Only Jubilee offers permanent scholarships (funded each year on a pro rata basis) so that a child can complete all the grades at their school without having to go back into a scholarship lottery every four years.
  5. Covers all the regions’ major urban communities: Jubilee is a “one stop shop” for a business to educate inner-city youth in every neighborhood of Philadelphia, Chester and Norristown, PA.

But just don’t take our word for it!

Both students and parents agree: the opportunities provided by Jubilee Fund change education, and change lives.

Photo and quote:  Neishaly Mendez, “I love this school because the people are my friends.” (December Card)

Photo and quote:  Anthony Johnson,  “There are no bullies here.  I love it here…”

Photo and quote: Rand Sommerville, “When I heard we could come to this school, we had hope” (still from video)

Photo and quote: Tyra Parker and Felicity   “I want her to be in a safe nurturing environment… in her old school it was survival of the fittest”

Photo and quote:  No name:   “I feel like I am homeschooled”