Welcome to Vocatio Career Prep High School


Jubilee is pleased to welcome Vocatio Career Prep High School as the newest school in the Jubilee Network! Vocatio started as a high school in 2018 and is located in the Hunting Park neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Vocatio (Latin for “calling”) is unique in the Jubilee School Network in that it primarily prepares students in Grades 9-12 for a vocation by teaching them a trade along with traditional academic courses. It meets students where they are, providing a trauma-informed school environment that uses redemptive discipline practices to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline for their students.

Beginning in 2014, Vocatio Career-Prep School Enrichment Program provided opportunities for youth, ages 11-18, to learn about and participate in the practical application of relevant    vocational skills. Learners applied their knowledge to real-world problems, addressing relevant neighborhood needs. This program incorporated experiential project-based learning, and offered academic instruction during the summer months, and on Saturdays during the school year.  


Recognizing the growing need for more educational opportunities in the neighborhood, Vocatio Career Prep High School opened in September 2018. Vocatio uses its mission and facilities to partner with existing businesses, churches, and other organizations to seek out and inspire emerging leaders that care for their own neighborhoods. Vocatio pursues members and supporters of the Hunting Park community that can lend their vocational experience and expertise to curriculum development and teaching. These partnerships have allowed vocational program curricula to be developed and expanded across several disciplines, with an emphasis in three core areas: carpentry, digital media, and welding. Students have the opportunity to participate in both academic and vocational classes, learning what it takes to navigate life and the workplace. Enrollment began with one class of 9th grade students that elected to pursue their high school experience at Vocatio. In August 2019, a new 9th grade class was added as our inaugural students moved up to 10th grade. Each year a new grade was added until their student body filled all four grades. Vocatio had its first graduating class in 2021.

Please pray for the work of Vocatio in Hunting Park!