TAMI Update March 2022


Volunteer tutors from Jubilee’s Tutoring and Mentoring Initiative (TAMI, for short) now serve students in two of our schools: Roxborough Christian School and Frederick Douglass Christian School.

TAMI was conceived as a way to help students bridge the learning gap they experienced as a result of the pandemic, but we anticipate that it will have far more benefits to our students than addressing a single issue. Given the fact that so many of the students enter our schools testing just at or below grade level, we want to give them every advantage to excel in growing their God-given academic gifts.

Plans for TAMI in the months to come are to expand the pilot beyond the current two schools to five schools in our network. This fall, we hope to add mentors to TAMI—volunteers who will mentor high school students to help them prepare for post-secondary education.

Would you like to be a tutor with TAMI? All it takes is an hour each week. Click here for more information about becoming a TAMI Tutor or Mentor.