eligibility standards

Information For Parents

Children’s Jubilee Fund does not accept scholarship applications from parents but awards bulk scholarship funds to member schools, which in turn decide how the funds are awarded to individual families in their school.

There is no application process for the scholarships in the local school but the school awards the scholarship funds at its own discretion.

To see which schools have these funds potentially available to apply to families that are new to the school, check out list of schools.

Who qualifies to receive Jubilee scholarships?

Students who:

  1. reside in the impacted urban school districts of Philadelphia, Camden, Chester, and Norristown
  2. have a family income of less than $44,000. (Adjusted gross income from Form 1040)
  3. are enrolled in a Jubilee Fund member school
  4. meet the guidelines for financial aid set by the local school where they attend
  5. are new to the school in the first year of their Jubilee scholarship grant
  6. continue in the school in subsequent years and continue to meet the economic guidelines

Information for Schools

As funds become available, Christian schools in the Delaware Valley are contacted and invited to join the Children’s Jubilee Fund Member School Network. Schools who apply for and meet the standards adopted by the Children’s Jubilee Fund Board will be received into the Member School Network each June. Scholarship funds are disbursed to Member Schools each September and February. The schools actually administer the granting of the aid, according to the policies of the Children’s Jubilee Fund Board.

A Policy Sub-Committee of the Board of Directors has been established by the Children’s Jubilee Fund Board to develop and review policy regarding the Member School Network. Member Schools will have to meet the following general qualifications for acceptance:

  1. They shall be committed without reservation to the Bible as the final authority for faith and practice, the basic doctrines of the Christian faith, and to the integration of that faith into the life and learning of the school.
  2. They shall subscribe to the Statement of Faith of the Children’s Jubilee Fund.
  3. Have a non-profit tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service.
  4. Be an elementary school (through fourth grade) and/or secondary school.
  5. Conform to all local fire and zoning codes.
  6. Be registered with the state of Pennsylvania or New Jersey.
  7. Submit to an annual financial review or audit by a CPA firm or by the parent agency (church) that owns the school.
  8. School staff must agree to abide by ethical fundraising practices as outlined in the 25 “Member Obligations” of the Association for Fund Raising Professionals and the school must observe the “Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship” of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

For Parents and Administrators:

Conduct an underperforming school search.