Note to Parents

Children’s Jubilee Fund does not accept scholarship applications from parents but awards bulk scholarship funds to member schools, which in turn decide how the funds are awarded to individual families in their school.

There is no application process for the scholarships in the local school but the school awards the scholarship funds at its own discretion.

To see which schools have these funds potentially available to apply to families that are new to the school, check out list of schools.

Who qualifies to receive Jubilee scholarships?

Students who:

1. reside in the impacted urban school districts of Philadelphia, Camden, Chester, and Norristown

2. have a family income of less than $44,000. (Adjusted gross income from Form 1040)

3. are enrolled in a Jubilee Fund member school

4. meet the guidelines for financial aid set by the local school where they attend

5. are new to the school in the first year of their Jubilee scholarship grant

6. continue in the school in subsequent years and continue to meet the economic guidelines


Other Scholarship Resources:

The following scholarship funds have programs for children attending urban Christian schools in the Philadelphia region. Please check their websites for detailed and timely information:

Children’s Scholarship Fund  (CSF)
This is a national fund which has a local chapter in Philadelphia. Parents apply directly to CSF Philadelphia for some 1800+ scholarships to attend any non-public K-8 school. They award four year scholarships (by lottery) to families that qualify for federal school lunch assistance. The application period is from mid-November until March 1st.
Website :
Contact :  Ina B. Lipman
Email : 
Phone :  215.670.8410

Black Association for Educational Options  (BAEO)
The national organization also has a local chapter and one of their programs provides scholarships for lower income urban parents. They have a national scholarship program and a local scholarship program. They also provide assistance for locating other educational options for urban parents.
Website :
Phone :  215.851.1795

Pennsylvania Family Institute  (PFI)
PFI is a Christian family advocacy organization. This program receives funding through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program and is headquartered in Harrisburg, PA. Their Family Choice Scholarship Plan can be applied for through May 15 of each year.
Website :

Faith First Educational Assistance Corporation
This organization trains parents to seek scholarship funds from various sources and provides its own scholarships of $500 per family for those who receive an award from the funds it receives.
Website :
Contact :  Alberta Wilson
Email :
Phone :  215.624.1716

Association of Christian Schools, International  (ACSI)
The Pennsylvania ACSI office sponsors a scholarship program funded by contributions received from corporations under the EITC program (see above). Most ACSI schools will want families to apply through the school for these funds.
Website :

Children First America, Delaware County
Email :
Phone :  610.872.7472

Futuro Educational, Inc.
Contact :  Juan Ramos
Email :
Phone :  215.561.1655

Henkels Foundation
Contact :  Maria Marston
Email :
Phone :  215.283.7628

Hope Partnership for Education
Website :
Email :
Phone :  215.232.7821

Joey F. Casey Memorial Foundation
Email :
Phone :  215.331.6424

LaSalle College High School Scholarship Fund
Website :
Email :
Phone :  215.233.2350

Officer Daniel Boyle Scholarship Fund
Email :
Phone :  215.677.0168

Philadelphia Foundation Community Scholarship Fund
Website :
Email : 
Phone :  215.563.6417