Meeting Jubilee Students is Worth It

photo-1For these donors, visiting one of our member schools in March was a powerful experience. They were able to listen as 5 Jubilee scholarship students shared about their lives, hopes, dreams, and struggles. Read their reactions below.

A Rare Opportunity

by Jan Wright,  Retired Training and Consulting Specialist, Montgomery County Intermediate Unit


“I really want to thank Jim Petty and Drew Skinner for taking me along on a tour of International Christian High School in Philadelphia in March.

What an inspiration! Coming from a perspective of over thirty years in education and having seen many high schools, the students and professionals I met on my visit to ICHS impressed me with their dedication to learning in an environment grounded in Christian values. How powerful it is to see a school where students feel safe, supported and challenged.

Thank you again for this rare opportunity.”

Investing beyond the American Dream

by Edward Huff, Retired Aerospace Engineer


“The other day, three Jubilee donors accompanied Jim Petty and Jubilee staff to International Christian High School in Philadelphia. After a tour of the school, we were able to sit down with five Jubilee Scholarship students over lunch and talk. Abigail, one of the girls, asked, ‘Why do you give to Jubilee?’ Well, there’s an expression, ‘Think globally, act locally.’

We’ve read articles of those persecuted for pursuing their education, and we’ve seen pictures of little girls in places like Pakistan who have had acid thrown into their faces who were just going to school to learn. Such tyranny infuriates me with a righteous anger, but one doesn’t have to travel thousands of miles to see injustice and brokenness — and, also hope. The Jubilee newsletters give you snippets or snapshots of students who have renewed hope in learning, going to college, and pursuing a career, but there’s no substitute for visiting a school and engaging the students.

In his book, Step by Step, Jim has made the observation that, ‘Money is an issue that goes to the heart of our relationship to God.’¹ Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Church in NYC, has stated that how you treat the underprivileged, ‘is the real index of the condition of your heart.’

Why do my wife and I give to Jubilee? We believe it is money well invested. Jesus says, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”² Powerful words. As far as Christ is concerned, each student is a treasure to be valued and not written off.”


² MATTHEW 6:21

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