Jubilee Launches Campaign to Promote OSTC Program


Exciting News! We are launching our 2013 campaign: Companies for Kids. We’re connecting with local businesses to promote the newly-enacted Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program (OSTC), which will allow businesses to redirect their state business taxes into scholarships for students in persistently failing Pennsylvania schools.

Businesses that make a one-year contribution to Jubilee receive PA tax credits equal to 75% of their contributed amount.  Businesses can increase their credit to 90% by making a two-year commitment of equal funding.

Once a business makes a contribution to Jubilee, we distribute that amount as scholarships to K-12 students stranded in failing schools, enabling them to attend the non-public school of their choice.

Passed in 2012, the OSTC program was modeled after the very successful Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program, which currently saves the Commonwealth and school districts $450,000,000 per year in education expenditures. The OSTC program started with 50 million and still has 37 million available.

By redirecting taxes through the OSTC program, PA businesses could move more than 25,000 urban youth out of failing public schools and into flourishing private schools each year—preparing them for success in higher education and in life. Go to Jubilee Fund to find out how to apply today.

Are you an individual donor to Jubilee? Then you can help us!

We’re always looking to connect with caring Pennsylvania companies and spread the word about the OSTC Program. If you would be willing to contact a business you know and trust, set up a meeting, or even pass along the name of a contact, please let us know! Email Drew Skinner at dskinner@jubileefund.org.

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