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Apply_OSTCJubilee Expands Its Reach to Impact More Inner-City Youth Than Ever Before

Jubilee has hit historic milestones this year. We are excited to announce that we have new office space! We moved to Manayunk, Philadelphia, in December 2012 and have offices at 3901B Main Street. Gaining this space has significantly impacted our office morale. The productive atmosphere of our office is tangible. We won’t forget our humble roots in Jim Petty’s basement, but we are embracing this location change as a physical symbol of our institutional advancement—of our leaps and bounds this year.

We doubled our income for the 2012 calendar year, going from $281,000 in 2011 to $630,000 in 2012, including $50,000 for scholarship endowment. For the current fiscal year, our total scholarship income to date has increased $100,000 from last year’s. This growth means we were and will be able to award more scholarships, as well as give out higher scholarships to the families who desperately need them.

However, our donors’ dollars not only allow more low-income students access to high-quality education; they also give our member schools the freedom to use their resources on staff and educational development, resulting in strong academic results. Seventy-four percent of our students are performing at grade level, and over 90 percent of our graduates enroll in college.

In a recent letter from Penn Christian Academy, business manager Allan McKeown, wrote, “The Children’s Jubilee Fund is an amazing blessing to our school and families. We cannot begin to express how much this program means to our school.” Jubilee is thankful for our donors who give

Beyond these financial and academic achievements, Jubilee has made strategic organizational changes. We hired a new staff member, Claire Margheim, to handle events and communications, and our board approved a strategic plan. This plan lays out our identity and purpose, vision and history, case for support, and values. Jubilee’s staff and board now have a unified understanding and a shared vocabulary about our organization that can be used to define and promote Jubilee’s mission.

With these changes, you may wonder, “Who is the Jubilee of 2013?” Maybe you are a long-time donor, and you have been following us from the early days when Jubilee awarded 25 scholarships to the five original member schools. Or maybe you heard about us through a friend, a scholarship student, or at one of our events.

Whatever your connection to Jubilee, we want to present to you our vision for the organization you support. We want to show you not only what our donations have achieved, but what they can achieve.

In our strategic plan, Jubilee lays out our goal of filling the available seats in our member schools with low-income urban youth who desperately deserve school choice. Our vision is to become the Philadelphia region’s faith-based, resource “superhighway” linking the suburban and urban community of businesses, individuals, churches, and foundations with our region’s under-resourced community of low-income families.

Imagine what our inner-city communities could look like if all families—poor and privileged—could choose which school to send their children; if thousands of students could experience a safe, Christ-centered environment that’s conducive to education and produces intrinsic academic motivation. We could see renewal in our inner-city. We could see a change in the course of a child’s life; a rise in the education-level of a community; and ultimately the equipping of a future workforce living out God’s will in their lives.

This is the Jubilee of 2013. An organization fueled by our potential—by the changes we can make with both the continued and increased support of donors like you.

This vision has led us to focus on reaching out to businesses and encouraging them to redirect their PA tax liability into scholarships for students through the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program (OSTC). There’s a large amount of untapped resources in OSTC, with $37 million in tax credits still available and up to $400,000 in credits available per business. Our Companies for Kids campaign is the largest step in realizing our long-term goal: increasing our funding so that our member schools can educate as many as possible of the 100,000 children in the Philadelphia region’s failing schools. so that schools like Penn Christian Academy can succeed.

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