Attention all Pennsylvania Businesses: Here’s How You Can Help Low-Income Youth!

July 1st is approaching, so Jim and I are calling and e-mailing as many business owners we  know to let them know about the amazing opportunity Pennsylvania business owners have to help low-income urban youth. Here you’ll find out how your business can participate in the Educational Improvement Tax Credit program.

In short, the tax dollars your business owes the state can go directly to a low-income family through a qualified scholarship organization like Children’s Jubilee Fund. These dollars will help low-income families send their child or children to a school of their choice.

Jubilee now has  24 Christian schools in our network with whom we partner. These schools are places where disadvantaged K-12 urban youth in the Philadelphia region are safe, secure, and flourishing!

The deadline for the EITC application is July 1st!

Don’t hesitate to e-mail me at or Jim at to find out more. We’ll walk you through the process and make it easy for you to take your business taxes and provide low-income urban families with hope!

School Choice Rally: Jubilee joined hundreds of students at Philadelphia’s City Hall

Jim and I joined hundreds of students on Wednesday to rally for school choice. I loved seeing Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and Charter schools come together for the same reason: providing parents with more choice. Creating opportunities for parents in neighborhoods where their schools are failing (91 in Philly) is critical to the long-term success of this city.

The energy and momentum was evident on Wednesday giving us at Jubilee renewed confidence that change and choice are almost upon us.

Our Member School, Spruce Hill Christian School and City Center Academy, have a new video. Watch here.

A few weeks ago I attended Spruce Hill Christian School’s and City Center Academy’s benefit event. I loved walking around the constitution center from table to table where students creatively presented what they were learning in school. I was saddened to actually find out that an 11th grader was able to out-wit me at a math mind game using marbles. However, I walked away from the table thinking about how proud I was to watch him articulate himself in a college-bound manner.

It was also impressive that the 4th graders were able to answer questions without hesitation during the “Are you smarter than our students” competition. After interacting with this school’s outstanding students, we were lead to watch their new movie that illustrates their mission, motto, and vision for the city. We are proud to call Spruce Hill and City Center one of our 22 schools in our Jubilee network! Enjoy.

Jubilee’s Spring Dessert in Pictures

We are blessed to have been able to see over $90,000 in gifts and pledges to date as a result of the dessert that took place on April 19th. It was clear by the end of the night that our Jubilee scholarships are changing lives and communities. We thank and celebrate everyone involved in the planning and execution of the dessert, and we are inspired by the old and new donors who have joined us for the next 5 years.  Enjoy the pictures below.

Jubilee Schools– Not just data…but motivation for building a community.

After considering what is unique about our Jubilee member schools, I was considering our distinct qualities. I used to be a teacher at a high-performing charter school in Philadelphia. We were high-performing because our students achieved better than average test scores on standardized tests. But, something was missing; our students lacked intrinsic motivation–an area of weakness that this particular charter school admitted to having.

But our Jubilee schools exhibit both good test scores and intrinsic motivation.  

9 out of 10 of our seniors in our urban high schools go to college.

75% of our students are at grade level compared to unspeakably low numbers seen by Philadelphia public schools.

But the numbers are not all we have.

Our Jubilee students love school. They love it so much they come back and teach at our schools. 

Chris attended Urban Promise’s camp in 3rd grade only to graduate from Azusa Pacific University and come back to teach 3rd grade at Urban Promise.

Wendell Holmes, along with his 4 brothers and sisters, walked through the halls at Philadelphia Mennonite High School and graduated. Wendell, now working on a graduate degree, teaches Calculus at his former school.

That’s just the beginning. Every week I hear of a new stories just like these.

We’re fostering something unique at our Jubilee schools, born in Christ–proclaiming liberty, creating hope, and ultimately changing lives to establish stronger communities in Philadelphia, Norristown, Chester, and Camden.